Food Drive

AMYA Canada has been proudly giving back to the community for over a decade. Through our Feed a Family initiative we have been collection about 350,000 lbs of food every year. In 2015 alone AMYA Canada was able to collect one million lbs of food.
AMYA Canada partners with local food backs to ensure that the food reaches those who need it the most.

Blood Clinic

AMYA Canada has partnered with Canadian Blood Services to hold nation wide blood camps in order to give back to the community. Through the passion and dedication of our youth we are able to collect 800-1000 blood units every year. As an ongoing initiative, AMYA with Canadian Blood Services is continuously expanding by aiming to set up more and more camps throughout the provinces.

Charity Runs

AMYA Canada takes great pride in hosting annual charity walks and runs across Canada. The proceeds raised from these initiatives help support local hospital, school, food banks, and more. AMYA Canada is proud to have successfully raised over one million dollars through our walks and runs alone.

Refugee Resettlement

AMYA Canada has partnered with Humanity First to tackle the rising forced displacement occurring globally. Through this partnership with Humanity First we are working at the fore front of privately sponsoring refugees and resettling them in Canada. The goal of the resettlement program is to provide refugees with:

• Safety with Dignity
• Care with Compassion
• Support with Respect
• Accommodation with Comfort
• Training for employment
• Education with Hope

Model Village in Africa

AMYA Canada has undertaken the initiative to help build model villages throughout Africa. AMYA works hand in hand in helping to establish access to basic amenities’ and human rights such as access to clean water supply, sanitation, electricity, education, vocational training and health services. Through this project AMYA empowers and supports members of these communities in developing a stronger tomorrow.